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Westmount Cafe, 142 Westmount Rd, London SE9 1XA



We are proud to serve Truly Great Coffee & Freshly Made Food!

Our independent artisan local coffee shop 'Westmount Cafe' brings handcrafted bread, pastries, and freshly made food to Eltham. We created a relaxed, calm atmosphere for all coffee lovers. Coffee is our core value - starting with the bean, the brew, the way we present it, and the enthusiasm we show when we talk about it makes us stand out.

Once you've made your order you know your coffee will be fresh every time. Our Baristas treat each cup like a fine chef does a meal, taking pride and time to ensure each coffee is flawless. We continuously adjust the grind to allow for changes in the atmosphere, which is just one of the many steps we take to make sure your espresso is just right. We clean vital parts of our lovely Wega Concept 3 Coffee Machine all day long.